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Why Metal?

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Why Metal?
Metal is eco friendly!

It's 100% recyclable and is more and more commonly used on green projects world-wide. Not only is the product eco-friendly, but its application processes are used as a complement to a building's environmental efficiencies.  


Metal siding selection is an alternative application to wood or stucco based products, providing increased sustainability. 


White metal roofs provide a natural cooling element to minimize energy requirements


Metal sill pans are used as a durable and sustainable alternative to other short-lasting solutions such as flexible flashing or peel and stick products. Sill pans can also be soldered rather than sealed, therefore eliminating the use of toxic sealants. 


Green roofs require multiple sheet metal applications to help enhance the sustainability of the roof. 


This list could go on forever, you get the idea!





Modern Design
Copper. Stainless. Galvanized. Zinc Alum. Galvanized Alum. Painted Versions of Aluminum, Zinc, Brass...

are words you'll hear tossed around when considering products for both functional and decorative metal application. Current residential designers are going for the modern, industrial appearance - jump on the trend, you'll be so happy you did.


Greenwork Metal Design can meet your needs...
in all things metal and although we generally work in the range of 28 to 14 gauge, our network can handle any gauge required. The options are endless!
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